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Taxes and Tax Advisory

In Guzmán Tapia PKF recognize as one of the main requirements in the business world the correct determination of the tax burden.

The professionals of our Department interpreted the fiscal impact implicit in every decision, for which engage with the customer to find the best solution in the assessment of taxes.

Through newsletters, circulars, newsletters and seminars, we keep our customers constantly informed of changes in laws and regulations.

Our Professional Services

  • Tax Planning
  • Comprehensive advice on tax
  • Operations by monitors and / or tax
  • Opinions and Management for refund of credit balances
  • Preparation and / or review of Affidavits
  • Tax due diligence in mergers and acquisitions
  • Analysis and help in preparation of draft tax benefits
  • Foreign Investment Analysis
  • Advising on agreements to avoid double taxation, agreements with other countries
  • Advice regarding withholdings and tax collection
  • Tax Consulting