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Capital Markets

Companies need money to finance both their production increase and equipment acquisition. However, they have had difficulties in accessing financing: the amounts and deadlines offered by the traditional system are insufficient.

When offering financing opportunities, the Capital Market is distinguished by its transparency, disintermediation -lending and borrowing rates are identical-, flexibility, and because it counts with an unprecedented funds availability.

The Capital Market investors permanently look for opportunities to lend their money to Companies which have profitable projects and reasonable risk. Investors are very attracted by the purchase of debt issued by Companies at Public Offering -procedure which distinguishes this Market-, for in this way they get tax exemptions. 

Our Capital Market Division is specialized in Financial Assistance, giving Companies an integral approach in their preparation to access the Capital Market, through the different Guzmán Tapia PKF areas.

Securities representing the debt issued by the Company -with a great variety of alternatives as to currency, amounts, deadlines, grace periods and frequency of their cancellation- are acquired by investors at Public Offering, which assures transparency and market values, since financing rates are determined by the struggle among investors in a public auction, which makes rates go down. The following are instruments of proven effectiveness:

Corporate Notes (CN)

Small and medium sized companies have the alternative to issue SMSC CN by virtue of a simplified regime.

Financial Trust with Public Offering

Counting with Assets that may be securitized, the Company may anticipate the income created by those Assets by means of a trust. An illiquid asset is then available as cash.

The Companies' participation in the Capital Market strongly improves their business profile and image. Such prestige gives participating companies new opportunities with clients, partners and suppliers -both local and foreign-, with the State, and even with other financing sources.