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Marketing and Business Consultancy

The commercial area is one of the most sensitive areas of the company due to the changes that may occur in the internal organization or in its environment.

The correct decisions in the commercial area, both in the development and training of personnel, as well as the application of new techniques, have almost immediate results on the company's profitability.

That is why PKF Consulting S.A. presents its new consulting services, carrying out diagnosis and acting on the different business and marketing processes in order to successfully contribute to the fulfillment of the "Strategic Plan".

Our Professional Services

  • Business audit
  • Business planning and management
  • Analysis of business teams
  • Sales network and business policies
  • Systems of compensation for fulfillment of goals
  • Business Coaching to management and intermediate positions
  • Leadership training programs, management and sales techniques
  • Development and implementation of the "Product Committee"
  • Motivation programs
  • Studies of Client satisfaction
  • Design of the process to handle claims
  • Market investigations
  • Promotional Actions