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Legal Couseling

At present, Companies tend to centralize in one Firm all activities related to their business, so that their decisions have a multidisciplinary approach which allows them consider every aspect related to their activity. It is clear that legal counseling is one of the main areas that must be taken into account when it comes down to taking decisions.

That is why in Guzmán Tapia PKF we count with a Department specialized in every legal issue related to Companies.

Our Professional Services

  • Creation of companies, amendment of their bylaws and functioning of corporate bodies
  • Setting up of foreign Companies' branches
  • Mergers, acquisitions, spin off and company transformations
  • Analysis and development of commercial agreements
  • Assistance in complex financial transactions such as trusts, financial leasings, assets securitization and issuance of corporate bonds
  • Preparation of Studies, Reports and Opinions
  • Periodic sending of "Legal Newsletters"
  • Legal counseling to the Company in the event of disputes.


At present, insolvency is one of the more frequent and complex legal phenomenon; that is why Companies usually need counseling as to their financial problems or their clients' and debtors' problems. 

Thus, our Legal Counseling Department, through the teamwork of lawyers and accountants, renders the counseling services that make Companies' viability and continuity plans possible, or rather to seek collection of, and redeem, credits from debtors.

Our Professional Services

  • Analysis of the Company's economic - financial situation
  • Assistance relating to courses of action that must be followed by the Company
    for the purposes of its continuity
  • Out-of-court refinancing liabilities of the Company
  • Legal counseling to the Company in case it files for reorganization proceedings,
    or when it is adjudged in bankruptcy
  • Preparation of legal and accounting documents relating to its filing for reorganization
    or liquidation proceedings
  • Proof of claims in reorganization or liquidation proceedings