PKF Guzmán Tapia

PKF Guzmán Tapia


The auditing and consulting services to PKF offers include:

  • Commercial and tax audit
  • TI systems audits
  • Audits and compliance with banking regulations 
  • Forensic Audits
  • Financial audits under Government Auditing Principles (Yellow Book)
  • Implementing GASB 34
  • Institutional Diagnostics
  • Process Redesign
  • Institutional reorganization
  • Assessments as COSO internal controls
  • Assessing financial capacity of the area
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of effective internal
  • controls and accounting management
  • Assistance in the establishment of an office of internal audit
  • Consultancy in the area of procurement
  • By monitors operations and / or tax
  • Assistance in maintaining budgetary control
  • Assistance in the preparation and implementation of corrective action plans
  • Assist in the evaluation and / or answering accusations of the comptroller's office

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